Honda Shows Off “Sonic Civic” at Comic Con

August 9th, 2016 by

San Diego Comic Con International is not what we in the automotive industry would typically consider to be a “car show,” mostly because it focuses on comic books, fantasy and sci-fi rather than horsepower, torque and advanced safety features. Of course, that doesn’t mean that automakers like Honda can’t find a way to sneak into Comic Con and impress the convention-goers there with some serious crossover appeal, especially when a video game icon like Sonic the Hedgehog is involved.

Yes, Honda put together a special Sonic the Hedgehog version of the 2016 Honda Civic for Comic Con this year. And while we were no part of the festivities all the way out here in Lexington, KY, we still can appreciate how much fun that car must have been. With a custom-painted exterior featuring scenes from the game, plus blue leather seats with “Sonic” logos, custom wheels meant to look like the gold rings Sonic collects and an audiovisual system in the trunk that allows drivers to play the game on a retractable 32-inch screen, it would have been hard not to be impressed by this vehicle.

“What better way to showcase the incredibly sporty performance capability of the 10th generation Civic than by pairing it with gaming industry’s ultimate athlete – Sonic the Hedgehog,” said James Jenkins, Public Relations Manager for the Honda Division. “As the fan favorite game and character celebrates his 25th anniversary on the scene, we hope that all Sonic fans – those who remember playing years ago and those who continue playing today – rejoice in his all-new ride, as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

This car will not be sold at your friendly neighborhood Honda dealership, as it really was only a promotional model, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. If you’d like to drive the real 2016 Honda Civic, come pay us a visit here at Gates Honda and we’ll get you behind the wheel of the only model truly deserving of Sonic’s visage.

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