Should I Buy or Lease a Honda Vehicle? Gates Honda Can Help You Decide!

Making the decision to buy or lease one of our new Honda car models at Gates Honda should never have to be difficult. When you work with our professional customer service team, we will do all that we can to make the buying or leasing process as easy as possible. We offer expert advice and a professional finance team that will find the best-suited terms for you. All you have to do is make your way to our Honda dealership near Winchester, KY and we can get the process started.

When You Should Lease

A major reason why someone would want to lease instead of buy is to avoid depreciation. While you still end up financing some depreciation when you find a Honda you want to lease, you will only be responsible for the value measured during the term of the lease instead of the entire value.

Even though you miss out on the equity when you buy a vehicle and pay it off, you have the option to turn in your leased vehicle at the end or go into another lease. Either way, you are not going to have to worry about trying to sell or trade in your car for the best value when you lease. A lower down payment and monthly installment in comparison to purchasing are also common.

When You Should Buy

Purchasing a Honda model in the Richmond, KY area will make sense if you want to be able to build up equity as well as take pride in ownership. Monthly payments will cease once you have paid the car off, whereas with leasing, they continue for as long as the lease term. Once you are ready to sell in the future, you will have the benefit of whatever equity you have built up.

Another good reason for buying is if you tend to put a lot of miles on your vehicle each year. Purchasing one of our Honda vehicles, such as the Honda CR-V or Honda Odyssey, will help you avoid the penalties that come from going over the mileage cap on a lease term. You also have the ability to customize your vehicle when you buy rather than lease.

Financing a Honda Vehicle at Our Dealership

We always make it easy for you to buy or lease a Honda car, SUV, or truck at Gates Honda. You will find our full-service Honda dealership located at 1180 Dr. Robert R Martin Bypass in Richmond, KY. For answers to your questions on Honda financial service, please give us a call today at (859) 353-6991 and we will be happy to help.