What Should I Do When My Lease Is Getting Ready to Expire?

November 19th, 2018 by

Do you want to lease one of our new Honda cars, such as the 2018 Honda CR-V or the 2019 Honda Odyssey? If so, it’s wise to learn what you’ll need to do when your lease is getting ready to expire before you sign your contract. Knowing what’s expected of you toward the end of your lease will make turning in your leased automobile much less stressful.

In general, the end of lease process begins about 90 days before a lease expires. Around that time, your lessor will contact you to remind you that your lease is coming to an end. Your lessor or an independent third-party will also contact you to arrange a vehicle inspection. During that inspection, an inspector will look for signs of wear and tear that are above normal or what’s reasonably expected.

What’s normal wear and tear? It’s wear and tear that won’t cost more than average to fix.

After the inspection, you’ll receive a list of all the instances where the inspector noticed excessive wear and tear. You can either repair these problems on your own or you can pay the dealership to address them when you surrender your automobile.

Because there’s so much riding on the pre-return inspection, you should prepare for it. Wash your automobile and have the inside detailed. Make sure you return everything you took out of your car to your vehicle. Some of the things that may have to be returned include your owner’s manual, spare tire, and fuel funnel if your car doesn’t have a gas cap.

To learn more about what you’ll need to do as the end of a lease draws near, contact our Honda dealership near Lexington, KY. Wait, we have an even better idea! Stop by Gates Honda today.

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